DCSS, DPSD: Discuss with your student severity of weapons, including claims on social media

Published 2:14 pm Sunday, March 11, 2018

Editor’s Note: Following is a letter submitted and signed by both the Demopolis City School System and the Demopolis Public Safety Department.

Demopolis City School System Parents and Guardians,

Please have discussions with your children about the severity of weapons at school or even the assertion that weapons will be brought to school. Any statements or assertions that a weapon will be brought to school will be investigated by the Demopolis Police Department and the Demopolis City School System. Claims that are proven to be accurate may result in criminal charges and/or expulsion from school. This includes declarations made on social media, group chats, or in informal conversations. Let’s work together to ensure the Demopolis City Schools are safe environments where students grow intellectually and socially.

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Kyle Kallhoff, Demopolis City Schools Superintendent

Tommie J. Reese, Director of Public Safety, City of Demopolis