Students, teachers make adjustments to new block schedule

Published 10:40 am Thursday, October 11, 2018

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The commencement of a new school year brings a new schedule system to Demopolis High School.

DHS students have been introduced to a new block schedule that consists of odd-numbered periods being held on Wednesdays and even periods on Thursdays. This new schedule provides students with “more time for math tests, science labs and essays in language,” school officials said.

Principal Blaine Hathcock is familiar with the schedule as he “taught on a block schedule earlier in his career.” Hathcock said he meets with a student advisory group once a month and has heard good things regarding the schedule.

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Many teachers said they enjoy the schedule as well, citing that “it breaks up the week” and is similar to a college schedule.  One added benefit teachers did not expect is an increase in attendance. Teachers said they feel that is due to making students more accountable.

When asked, eight out of 10 high school seniors said they liked the schedule. One senior said, “it is not hard at all to adjust.” Since it is their last year of high school, seniors will only have one year to experience the block system while underclassmen will grow more accustomed to the changes over time.

The year is flying by with the new block schedule and seniors are excited about it!

— Lyndsey Murphy is a senior at Demopolis High School and a student contributor to the Demopolis Times.