Spring weather means great hunting, fishing

Published 3:59 pm Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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(This column was written by Jerry Smyly for the Demopolis Times.)

This is likely the longest stretch of sunny weather we’ve had since early last fall. I hope everyone has had the opportunity to get out and enjoy it. No significant rainfall has the water getting right to fish, and I’m hearing better reports on the turkeys. The cool (not freezing) clear mornings have meant better gobbling from the roost! My brother-in-law killed a trophy triple bearded Tom last week, a truly unique bird. Hopefully they’ll keep gobbling if the weather holds.

Spring brings to mind many things: Spring Break, fishing, turkey hunting, and the first beach trip of the year. When I was younger I would usually spend half of my break chasing turkeys and the other half on the Alabama Gulf coast. The weather can be fickle during the spring, but a period of stable weather like we’ve had of late can certainly settle things into a rhythm so to speak. Lack of rain will help the rivers and lakes clear up and stabilize; the fishing reports I’ve been getting of late certainly seem to indicate that things are improving. A friend of mine said he and his partner caught crappie around docks in 8-10’ of water, and that bass were in all their usual haunts, holding near wood in 2-6’. He also reported seeing numerous schools of white bass chasing shad. They caught more than enough fish for a fry!

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Spring is a great time to be outdoors and take part in one of the aforementioned time honored traditions. Trying to fool a wary gobbler into thinking you’re the new girl on the block can keep you occupied all morning, and trying to get a big bass or slab crappie to take your bait in the afternoon! I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a day here in West Alabama!

(This column originally appeared in the Wednesday, March 27 issue of the Demopolis Times.)