Pilot Club introduces first characters in “Mystery in the Canebrake” fundraiser

Published 10:28 am Thursday, June 20, 2019

Pilot Club of Demopolis is hosting a benefit on October 12, at Demopolis Country Club.  “Mystery in the Canebrake” is a cocktail party which will work similarly to murder mystery dinner parties.  The party will be centered around real “characters” in the community.  The nominees and guests will be involved in helping to solve a fictitious Demopolis-centric crime.

Current nominees include: Will Coplin as “the lawyer,” Jennifer Jordan  as “the youth director,” Jennifer Clem as “the kindergarten teacher” and Mentral Ledbetter as “the counselor.”

To nominate a character, email to mysteryinthecanebrake@aol.com. Nominations are $5. Please mail tax-deductible checks to Pilot Club PO Box 576 Demopolis, Alabama 36732. Nominations votes may also be made through PayPal by entering the email mysteryinthecanebrake@aol.com. All nominations must be made by July 15.

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(This article originally appeared in the Wednesday, June 19 issue of the Demopolis Times.)