Demopolis Library offers boxes of books

Published 3:45 pm Thursday, July 16, 2020

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The Demopolis Public Library is selling boxes of books for $10 as they clear out some of their older collections.

The books being sold have not been checked out for a long time or have been damaged over time. When the library was closed during the outbreak of COVID-19, the library staff spent that time going through the shelves and deciding what could be discarded or given away.

Boxes are sorted by category: Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Juvenile Non-fiction, and audiobooks. Each box has between 18-20 books. The money from the box sale will go back into the library fund and be used to purchase new books.

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Most of the books are being sold through the boxes, but some have been donated to the Marengo County Library in Linden and the Uniontown Public Library. The books are also available to schools and teachers who want to use them for the fall school year.

“We would be more than happy to donate books to schools and teachers who want to come and see what we have,” said Library Director Kathy Owings. “We would be okay with donating some of the books.”

In addition to selling books, the library is also moving forward with its Summer Reading Program. When children sign up for the SRP, they receive a bag with activities, one of which is a Bingo game. Each space has something to do with a book such as a ‘one-word title’ or a book ‘that has become a movie.’ When children read a book like this, they mark it off and can win prizes if they get a Bingo. There will be three big prizes at the end of the summer for the children who participated.

If you would like to purchase one of these boxes, you can call the library at 334-289-1595 or message them on Facebook, and the boxes will be ready for pick-up upon arrival.