Linden City Council hears concerns from local delegates

Published 2:42 pm Thursday, April 29, 2021

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Several delegates approached the Linden City Council at the last meeting on April 20 with concerns about property, maintenance, and recycling.

The first delegate to speak was Rev. Richard Lankster, who lives in the Linden Park apartments on Stough Lane. He approached the council with concerns about the apartments and said that they are poorly maintained. He cited water leaks and overgrown grass as some of the main problems. Lankster said that water runs down from the adjacent Hillcrest Estates apartments and into Linden Park.

He requested that the council help address the problems by reaching out to the owner of the apartment. Mayor Rogers agreed to look into the situation and would report back with what she finds out.

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The next delegate, Judy Compton, asked the council to consider getting recycle bins for plastic materials. Compton is a member of The Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society (WHOMS) said that her missionary society is studying environmental stewardship. She said that she wants to improve on her stewardship. She said that litter is impacting the environment and is concerned that children are not learning that they are not supposed to litter.

The council agreed to have Council member Kelly Anthony contact Waste Management to gather information on the bins and how pick-ups would happen. The council will discuss the topic further at the next meeting.

The last delegate was John Pettway, who purchased a plot of land behind Little Drugs to place a mobile home. He and his family moved to Linden last year, and he bought the property not long after. When he first purchased the property, he got the signatures of everyone in the surrounding area to agree to let him place a mobile home on the spot.

However, after moving into the area, he lost the paperwork. He had to gather the signatures again, but one resident now refuses to sign again because he bought the property that she had also planned to buy. The property had been available for 4 to 5 years before Pettway moved to the area.

“I don’t see why I should be punished for working hard and getting everything I need for that property,” said Pettway.

Council Attorney Woody Dinning said that the mayor and council could set a formal hearing. The hearing would notify the person refusing to sign and allow her to attend the hearing and hear input from both sides. The council advised Pettway to postpone moving the mobile home to the plot and get all paperwork to the council secretary. The formal meeting will be scheduled for May 17.

Under Committee Reports, Council member Jan Cannon reported that the field lights had been left on twice at Scott Park after softball games. Baseball and softball teams are allowed to use the field for practices, provided that the field lights are not left on when the field is not in use.

Council member Vonda Wilson said that the lights burn around $1,500 to $2,000 a month and that the coaches will have to pay for the lights. Mayor Gwendolyn Rogers said she would contact the coach and resolve the issue.

Cannon also said that truck drivers have been using the Fun Factory property for parking their eighteen-wheelers on the weekends. The concern is the trucks blocking the helipad and preventing helicopters from making emergency landings. Mayor Rogers said she would look into it and let the drivers know they cannot use that parking lot.

Under the Mayor’s Report, Mayor Rogers discussed the Nursing Home Board and appointed Tamika Dial to fill the vacant position. Dial received five yes votes and one opposed vote.

The Linden City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 4:30 p.m.