Attorney General visits Black Belt Regional Child Advocacy Center

Published 10:15 am Thursday, May 5, 2022

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Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (back row, third from left) visited and toured the Black Belt Regional Child Advocacy Center last Wednesday, April 27.


















Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall visited the Black Belt Regional Child Advocacy Center last Wednesday April 27. He toured the facility with director Charlotte Webb and had several positive comments about the establishment.

The Black Belt Regional Child Advocacy Center opened in January 2020, and provides services to children who are victims of sexual abuse or serious physical abuse, support to their families, and brings together professionals who are responsible for the investigation and prosecution of these difficult cases.

“I’m excited about what you all are doing here. I know this center was a vision and a dream to make sure that you have local people serving local people,” said Marshall. “The significance of having a place like this is important because it gives victims an opportunity to provide what we need on the prosecution side and get the help that they need.”

Marshall acknowledged that the center is still in the infancy stages and said that it can be frustrating to coordinate with law enforcement, DHR, and other services needed in abuse cases.

“I guarantee that every success story that you’re able to proclaim from this place is going to be something that will sell it to the community and surrounding counties,” said Marshall.

During his visit, Marshall touched on the issue of opioids and said that there is a $270,000,000 settlement on the opioid side. He said the money is designed to go for abatement purposes rather than something like road projects. The district attorney offices were allotted $1.5 for their victims service officers who are working with victims of addictions. He said that one thing the BBRCAC can provide is help on the abatement side due the connection of opioids and physical and sexual abuse.

When Marshall asked if there were any issues he needed to be aware of,  District Attorney Greg Griggers said that there hasn’t been pushback about the BBRCAC. He attributed this to using other CACs in the area so those involved were already used to the process, and cooperation from the Demopolis Police Department.

“Law enforcement hasn’t had any problems with buying in and seeing the value. It’s been very productive,” said Griggers.

Marshall ended his visit by thanking the board members for allowing him to speak and for their continued hard work to help and protect children in abusive situations.