Summer reading programs are beneficial to all

Published 12:39 pm Friday, June 2, 2023

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School is out for summer vacation and with the end of the school year comes the Summer Reading Program at local libraries. These programs have been a staple in many communities across the country since the 1890s and are a good way to get students regardless of age into reading and life-long learning.

The Demopolis Public Library’s Summer Reading program begins next week on June 6. There will be several events targeted at young children, teens, and adults that are sure to keep the summer interesting.

But why are summer reading programs important and why should students consider participating? The reading programs offer several benefits that can have positive effects on those who participate. Some of those benefits include encouraging reading to become a lifelong habit, reluctant children can be enticed with the various activities that might allow them to find that one book that opens the doors to reading, and reading over the summer helps students keep up with reading and vocabulary skills.

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Another benefit of summer reading programs is simply getting children and teens out of the house and away from electronics for a few hours. While watching YouTube videos and TikTok are definitely fun and should be allowed in moderation, there is nothing quite like reading a hardcover book and getting lost in the story.

And not only do summer reading programs drawn in new readers in children, the program can just be good fun and provide an opportunity for family time. For example, the Animal Tales presentation that the Demopolis Library is expected to have will allow children and their parents to see and learn about animals they may not see often.

Summer reading programs can even be where life-long friendships can begin for attendees of all ages. So parents consider signing your child up this year’s program and encourage teens to visit the library, even if they don’t take part in the actual program. A visit or two could still help them find something they enjoy reading.

For more information or to sign up, check the library’s Facebook page for updates, visit the website at, or call 334-289-1595.