Eat’n Out: Steakhouse on the Beach!

Published 4:48 pm Sunday, September 3, 2023

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We were sitting on the beach enjoying the mesmerizing sound of the surf when we realized we were getting hungry. It was just after noon and our breakfast had been very light that day because we were anxious to get out on the beach and under our rental umbrella. When we saw the beach guy setting out those chairs and umbrellas around 7:00 a.m. we were in a rush to get out there in the relative cool. So, we choked down a Pop-tart or something with a cup of coffee and headed out.

Just after noon my dinner bell was ringing, and it was starting to get way too hot out anyway. Just about then we noticed a ton of jellyfish washing ashore and that made making the choice to go to lunch even easier.

Now, where to go? We were in Orange Beach, Alabama and there are so many midday places to choose from in the area. Normally we would just opt for something quick and familiar so we could get back to the beach and reading whatever book had captivated our attention that day. Today though we actually cleaned up nice and put on some clean clothes without the normal dose of sand that normally accompanies our lunch outing. We had decided to go outside our norm and instead of opting for one of those touristy seafood joints, we decided we were hungry enough for some real protein. Steak, or something like it. We decided to try a place we have seen for years but have yet to try. 

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The place is “Carver’s Steakhouse” Orange Beach. It is easy to find in the same plaza with the Publix grocery store. You can check out the location, menu, and other information at their website

Their menu covers all the bases from quality seafood to certified Angus steaks. Their menu includes starters, soup & salads, steaks & chops, beyond beef, sandwiches, ribs & combos, sides, and desserts. You can find everything from lobster with drawn butter to a pork tomahawk or rack of lamb. There is a high-end bar serving a good sampling of most anything you want but specializing in whiskey and wine that goes with the steak and seafood choices on the menu.

On this, our first trip to this restaurant, we decided to try a burger and I wasn’t disappointed or left wishing I had ordered a steak. But first we started with some of their “Sweet Chili Fried Calamari”. It is hand-breaded, and flash fried to a golden brown and then served with sweet & spicy chili sauce. The calamari were very tender and well prepared. We enjoyed them immensely. Their appetizers range from “Bacon-Wrapped Quail” or “Flash-Fried Lobster Tail” to “Stuffed Portobello’s” or maybe “Louisiana Style Crab Cakes”.

For our side with the burgers, we ordered two of their “Signature” sides. They were the “Au Gratin Potatoes” and the “Lobster Mac & Cheese”. I was disappointed when the meals came because they brought us both Potatoes and forgot the lobster mac & cheese. We intended on sharing the sides and I really wanted to try that. Well maybe next time.

Their Signature sides include “Black Garlic Truffle Fries”, “Lobster Mac & Cheese”, “Au Gratin Potatoes”, “Creamed Spinach”, “Steamed Asparagus”, and “Creamed Corn”. The Standard sides are “Baked Potato”, “Sweet Potato”, “Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes”, “Steak Fries”, and “Steamed Vegetables”. A good selection. I can’t say for sure, but I would bet that the “Signature” sides are at an extra cost.

I chose the “Carver Burger” as my entre’. It is a steak blend patty with sauteed onions & mushrooms, Swiss & cheddar cheese, house-made steak sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion & pickle on a brioche bun. I ordered mine cooked medium which is always a gamble that the cook will either still make it rare or overcooked to well done. But this one came out just right. Just done enough to not still be mooing but not so done as it looses it juicy, tender, flavor. It was excellent, as burgers go.

We did not order a dessert this trip as we were in a hurry to get back to the beach and that burger was just enough to make sure I didn’t hear anyone shout “beached whale” when I got back out there. However, their dessert menu looks awesome, and I can’t wait to try something off the list. Which included:

-New York Cheesecake (raspberry puree, white chocolate raspberry truffle, bananas foster)

-Warm Apple Crisp

-Mile High Chocolate Fudge Cake

-A original Gelato Flight (3 premium ice cream flavors)

-the Chef’s Bread Pudding of the day served with vanilla gelato

As you can see, any of those would probably be outstanding after a long, hot day on the beach.

When at the beach relaxing, I don’t normally think of going to a Steakhouse for lunch or dinner. I usually default to one of the regular places I normally report on with good seafood and maybe some live entertainment. I can tell you though after our trip to Carver’s, it will be on our regular list of places to frequent. They do have live entertainment though starting at 5:00 pm. The days and artists are posted on their website.

Carver’s is an upscale class-act on the beach. It was exceptional and I can’t wait to try the Filet Mignon or maybe a Ribeye with all the trimmings. They have set the bar high. I am going to have to give some serious thought as to which dessert we will try next time though. I think I will need a description of the Chef’s Bread Pudding of the day. I hope it has good bourbon in it. I am pretty sure that will be on the top of the list next time when Eat’n Out in Orange Beach.