Patterns in Our Lives

Published 2:22 pm Saturday, November 4, 2023

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By Freda Reynolds

Whether we think about it or not, we live our life with certain patterns. We develop them from childhood through adulthood. We model ideas, imitations or ideology that guides us along the way. 

Webster defines pattern as “a form or model proposed for imitation. Every cell in our body has a pattern. All of nature has patterns. Plants are developed by tiny seeds that grow into the pattern that is hidden in it. Animals created by the model proposed by the Creator. In Genesis, God established the pattern for the family; it is one man for one woman. Again, we find even in the garden, God had a plan after sin to redeem sin in mankind. Adam being first, Jesus being the last Adam that would give His life to redeem disobedience committed in the garden. We read, “The first spirit, Adam, was created a living being” “but the last Adam, is the life-giving Spirit.” Corinthians 15:45-58. 

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In Exodus 25:40, God told Moses, “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown to you on the mountain.” What God gave Him was the model for the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Later that model was used to build the Temple in Jerusalem. Moses was to build the tabernacle exactly as he was told. There was a specific reason for God’s intention. 

You may have heard it said that the Old Testament is Jesus hidden and the New Testament is Jesus revealed. This is one of the examples of God’s hidden treasure that would be revealed when Jesus took on flesh and became for us the sacrifice for sin on our behalf. 

God gave us Jesus as a pattern for life, eternal life. He is our model. Our lives are to be a reflection, a living example of His model. 

What is the pattern of your life? We must be sure that our pattern of life is based on the life-giving Spirit of Jesus. We are eternal beings, one place or the other we will live eternal. Will it be heaven, or the place created only for the devil and his demons?