Memaw Cookies – A simple, tasty treat

Published 11:00 am Sunday, December 24, 2023

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By Lanell Downs Smith

When my daughters were children, their Memaw always made simple but tasty cookies we all called “Memaw Cookies.” Made with love and only three ingredients, these cookies were a family favorite.

Perfect to take to holiday parties or to leave out for Santa with a cold glass of milk, this recipe can be varied for taste and dressed up for even the most elegant event. It’s also so easy to make that kids of all ages can help.

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* One box of Ritz Crackers

* One jar of creamy peanut butter

* One package of vanilla almond bark


1) Spread peanut butter on Ritz cracker

2) Top with a second cracker, making a sandwich-style cookie

3) Prepare as many cookies as desired

4) Melt almond bark per package instructions

5) Using a fork or tongs, did cookies in melted almond bark until thoroughly coated

6) Allow cookies to cool

7) Sprinkle with desired toppings 

This recipe can accommodate food sensitivities by using gluten free crackers or alternative nut butter. For more chocolaty flavor, substitute melted chocolate chips for almond bark.

Enjoy with milk, cocoa or eggnog and friends.