Reminders – Something to hold onto

Published 8:00 am Saturday, March 2, 2024

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By Dunford Cole

Pastor, Campground and Rutledge Methodist Church

I love the churches I serve. One of the things that I do is send out scripture reminders each morning during the week on a group text. I try to offer something to remind us of God’s love and the sacrifice that He made. I also need to be reminded and I try to hold onto that when the day is overwhelming, and things don’t seem to be going great. 

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I need something to hold onto in my life, and I’m very aware as a pastor, if I need this, how much more often does my congregation need this in their jobs, family lives, and other problems they may run across during the week? 

We all need to be reminded of God’s love no matter where we may be in our relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a Christian for 30 years or just accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior last week. We need to be constantly reminded of God’s love and grace. I encourage you, if you have not put up any guideposts in your life, you need to do it as a reminder that God’s grace is sufficient and that He loves you. 

The world has its problems. Life has its problems, but there’s one thing for sure: we serve a God bigger than any problem. We can all use those reminders to help us remember that Christ died for us while we were still sinners.