First Baptist Church offers class to help parents address modern issues

With modern technology and ever-evolving social norms creating new and unique challenges for parents, Demopolis First Baptist Church is organizing a “Christ-Centered Parenting” class designed to help parents discuss with children today’s toughest topics.

Christ-Centered Parenting, a program written by Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt, is a six-week study aimed at equipping parents to “engage in culture’s most  complex issues, apply the gospel to life through transformative conversations, build confidence in preparing for complicated conversations, understanding how children’s opinions on tough issues are shaped, and replacing culture’s influence with biblical truth.”

FBC Pastor Carl Williams said the inspiration for hosting the study came from his own life as a parent.

“I was intrigued in thinking about raising three girls myself and the things I have to talk to them about that my parents didn’t have to deal with … things like transgenderism, pornography, social media … our children are hearing about all of these things in our culture, at school, from television. How do we as parents approach our children about these subjects, and do it in a way that holds true to our biblical beliefs. I suspect that are other parents who struggle with these same subjects,” Williams said.

The study involves one weekly class for six weeks and include video teaching by Russell Moore. Following the video, the parents will break into groups based on the ages of their children to discuss and ask questions.

Willis said the lessons taught through the course will provide parents with additional tools to better communicate with their children.

“I imagine some parents of younger kids might not think these conversations are necessary, but this course provides the building blocks for the future. It is a proactive approach to these issues.

“And, our children know more than you think they know. You can’t wait until middle school to talk about these things. Now is the time to wrap your head around what the Bible says about the issues. Culture will base their thoughts on these subjects unless parents are proactive in discussing the Biblical perspective,” Williams said.

For those interested in taking part in the class, there is no fee, but there is a book to go along with the program, which is $15 and can be ordered through the church. The deadline to order the book is Monday, Sept. 25. To order call the church at 289-0473 or email to

“I sense there are people who have questions about these issues and we wanted to open this opportunity up to anyone who is struggling to discuss these complicated issues with their children. I’m looking at this more as a parent than a pastor; I see the benefits for parents in better equipping us to have these conversations,” Willis said.

(This article originally appeared in the Saturday, Sept. 16, print edition of the Demopolis Times.)