City offers app for reporting issues

The City of Demopolis is offering a new and more efficient way to report on areas of need throughout the city. The free app Really Simple Reporting is available on iOS and Android Devices and allows users to take a picture of the issue, leave a comment and send it via email along with the GPS location to the correct department.

The app features six pre-programmed buttons that allow residents to report potholes, burned out street lights, tall grass/weeds and tree/white good pick-up for fallen trees and discarded large household appliances. A sixth button leads to Building Inspector Julius Rembert to report code violations and dilapidated properties.

“I would encourage all of our citizens to download and use the app as it will help our department heads know areas that need to be addressed,” Mayor John Laney said.

If a button does not cover what needs to be reported, then users can send it directly Laney via the “Custom” button. Pre-programmed buttons can also be changed in the app by pressing and holding the button. A copy of all reports is also sent to city hall.

“It’s a work order system that allows all of our citizens to have input,” Laney said.

The app only sends the user’s current GPS location, so any reports made via the app should be made at the location of the issue so the department receives the correct location.

At the time of publication, Really Simple Reporting also assured users via the Frequently Asked Questions page of that all information collected by the app, such as the GPS location, issue and photo, is not shared with any third-party.

While Really Simple Reporting does not ensure that the issue will be fixed, it does provide a streamlined way for the city government to receive a report. Laney also said the effectiveness of the app depends on the citizens using it and the city responding to the reports.

“It is a step in the right direction to continue to be able to enhance the appearance of our city,” he said.

Laney encouraged users to call city hall if they had any trouble downloading the app.

(This article originally appeared in the Wednesday, April 24 issue of the Demopolis Times.)