DHS FBLA makes way to compete in nationals

Members of Demopolis High School’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) took home more awards than ever during the State Leadership Conference held April 11-12 in Birmingham. The 84 awards and recognitions will lead them to compete at the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas, June 29-July 2.

To reach their level of success, some students began preparing as early as September, though Gandy said some projects did come together last-minute as well. Once the presentations start coming together, Wednesday afternoon practices serve as a time to perfect the presentation and accept any feedback available.

While not all awards come from presentation-based competitions as some are strictly test-based, Gandy doesn’t go easy on the students who only need to study.

“I require all students to take a minimum of three practice tests, but the main preparation comes from the competencies listed under the event. I asked students to look up as much information relating to the competencies and make flash cards in Quizlet. Once students show me their flash cards, I use the beginning of class for them to practice with a partner,” she said.

With the national conference nearing closer and closer, students have been using the judges’ sheets from the state conference to make corrections and improvements as needed. Students will also head to Champ Camp at the University of Alabama at Birmingham College School of Business in June to receive extra coaching for their competitions.

Out of all the honors and awards FBLA received at the state conference, Gandy said Most Outstanding Chapter for District 3 and Largest Chapter for District 3 were the most exciting for the group.

“Demopolis FBLA is really making it’s mark at the state level, and I’m tremendously proud of this chapter since it just reactivated three years ago. Demopolis FBLA is a student-led organization so all credit goes to these students for making 2018-2019 the best year yet,” she said.

Members plan to sell Krispy Kreme donuts and smoked chicken plates in order to raise the funds to attend the national conference. Businesses and individuals can also sponsor a student or the chapter as a whole. Sponsorships and donations over $100 include name on a t-shirt and those over $500 include a name and business logo of business on the shirt. For more information, contact Gandy at kgandy@dcsedu.com.

The awards and recognitions earned by FBLA include:

Chapter Awards

Contributed $1,000 to the March of Dimes Organization 

Received a $1,000 Grant to be used during the 2019-2020 school year to host fundraising events for March of Dimes

Blueprint for Success – Outstanding Level

Gold Seal Chapter

Most Outstanding Chapter – District III

Largest Chapter in District III

Chapter Community Service Project – 2nd place

Chapter Recognition

Attending the 2018 AL FBLA District III Workshop

Attending the 2018 Joint Leadership Development Conference

Attending the 2018 National Fall Leadership Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Celebrating CTE Month

Celebrating FBLA-PBL Week

Completing the Chapter Challenge– Super Sweeps, Nonstop November, Action Awareness

Conducting a Dress for Success Day

Donating to March of Dimes

Donating to the AL FBLA Foundation

Entering at least five Presentation Events at State Competition

Having 100% Class Participation

Having a Chapter Store

Having a Local Membership Committee

Having a New Member Recognition Project

Having Members who are College and Career ready

Having Members who are industry Certified

Having members with STEM Premier Accounts

Having the Largest Chapter Attendance in District III

Having the Largest Membership Increase in District III

Holding an Emblem Ceremony

Honoring the Military

Hosting a Job Shadow Day

Hosting a Local Leadership Workshop

Hosting an event for American Enterprise Day

Increasing Membership

Largest Chapter in District III

Mission Lift Grant Recipient

Participating in the Good Neighbor Project

Participating in the H&R Block Challenge

Partnering with another CTSO to host an event

Promoting Financial Literacy

Publicizing FBLA

Receiving the Market Share Award

Receiving the Membership Achievement Award

Reciting the FBLA Creed

Spotlighting local members and advisors

Submitting a Banner for Babies at the State Leadership Conference

Submitting a Blueprint for Success

Submitting a Community Service Project

Submitting a Local Chapter Annual Business Report

Submitting a Photo Collage at State Conference

Submitting a Program of Work

Submitting an Article to Tomorrow’s Business Leader

Supporting the FBLA-PBL Marketplace

Using a Snapchat Filter for an FBLA event 

Individual Recognition

Abbie Hathcock – 2018-19 AL FBLA District III State Leadership Council Representative

Shelby Gandy – (Open Event) Public Relations, Top Four

Shelby Gandy – AL FBLA District III Who’s Who Award

Alysse Dunklin, Breanna Braxton, Michael Osmer, Virginia Malone, Mary Katherine Kish, Devin Daniels, and Jake Jacobs received pins for completing the Business Achievement Award (BAA)– Leader Level

Contestant Awards

First  Place

Buckley Nettles – Introduction to FBLA

Abbie Hathcock – Introduction to Public Speaking

Ella Quarles – Introduction to Business

Wessie Jacobs– Introduction to Business Procedures

Taylor Langley – Personal Finance

Mackenzie Dill – Business Communication

Chris Flowers – Insurance and Risk Management

Abbey Polk – Securities and Investments 

Second Place

Brianna Doss – Introduction to Business

Riley House – Introduction to Business Procedures

Tori Vice – Introduction to FBLA

Walt Griffin – Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures

Khya James – Personal Finance 

Glendy Galvan – Securities and Investments 

Breanna Braxton – Organizational Leadership

Devin Daniels – Political Science

3rd Place

Molly Katherine Harrison – Introduction to Business Communication

Earl Jones – Cyber Security

Anna Kate Golden – Introduction to Business

Allie Busby – Introduction to Business Procedures

Ja’Kara Taylor – Introduction to FBLA

Shelby Gandy – Local Chapter Annual Business Report

Nicole Halkias – Political Science

Fourth Place

Meagan Allison – Advertising

Michael Reynolds – Agribusiness

Avery Schumacher & Tori Horne – Broadcast Journalism

Cassidy Crawford – Introduction to Business

Michael Osmer – Personal Finance

(This article originally appeared in the Wednesday, May 22 issue of the Demopolis Times.)