Women of Faith will present ‘Who Killed the Church?’

The Women of Faith will present a drama play titled, “Who Killed the Church?” on Saturday, Nov. 4, 4 p.m., at the Jones Recreation Center.

A cast of 16 will present the play that is described as “a powerful, spiritual, positive and uplifting, non-denominational stage play for the entire family, community, and world.”

“This play is written for everyone, all religions, races and genders. It allows us all to take a look at ‘the man in the mirror’ … non-judgmental, showing there is good in everyone.”

The cast will include Sarah Smith as the judge, L. McCant as the coroner, Linda Johnson as “loose learning,” Jackie Irvin as “Christian Education” and “Christian Fellowship,” Ada Phillips as “Religious Ignorance,” Ella Murdock as “Christian Faithfulness,” Alex Williams as  the physician, Debra Howard as the minister, Corinne Myers as the deconess, Ernestine Mullen as the usher, Ella Pope as the director of the choir.

The Women of Faith is led by Group President Rosa Thompson, Vice-President Jewel Essex, Chaplain Lucrecy Webb, Secretary Mary Murdock, Treasurer Ernestine Mullen, Program Coordinator Willie Dillard, Advertising Jackie Hunter Irvin. The membership also includes: Min. Ada Phillips, Min. Deborah Howard, Leslie Sanders, Ella Pope, Emily Mitchell, Ella Murdock, Sarah Smith, Corrine Myers, and Linda Johnson.

For more information about the play contact Rosa Thompson at 334-289-3055 or Linda Johnson at 817-724-4278.

(This article originally published in the print edition of the Demopolis Times on Saturday, Oct. 14.)