Ford named to AASB committee

Linden City Board of Education President Ola Ford has been appointed to the AASB (Alabama Association of School Boards) Board Training Advisory Committee. It is a committee appointed by the AASB Board of Directors every year to review training programs and recommend potential training topics.

Ola Ford

The committee is comprised of nine board members from around the state as well as a superintendent. They will consider how AASB can make the training board members receive even more effective. Committee members play a critical role in helping the staff identify topics that board members need training on and keeping AASB apprised of the issues that local boards are facing. They also provide input to plan conferences, webinars, workshops and whole board training sessions. AASB also get their input of the types of training sessions they feel are most helpful – such as is it easier/more effective for board members to participate in webinars or to come to conferences.

The committee’s work has been especially important since the legislature mandated in 2012 that all school board members annually get at least six hours of training, including at least two hours  as a whole board team. The feedback and ideas the committee gives AASB helps insure the training offered is relevant and timely.

(This article originally appeared in the Saturday, March 17 issue of the Demopolis Times.)