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Pay the Manning

So a couple of weeks ago, I was creating my first editorial for the Demopolis Times. Oh my goodness what a struggle it was. One ... Read more

Luker leaves behind legacy of making boys into men

Luker leaves behind legacy of making boys into men

After covering high school football in Marengo County for the last two seasons, I have come to appreciate what good coaching looks like. Read more

Demopolis softball overcomes adversity to win respect

What I witnessed Friday night from the Demopolis High School softball team can only be described as incredible. Read more

Living life with a high motor

He was the most underrated player on that Demopolis Tiger team that won the 2009 Class 5A state title. The Demopolis team that season was ... Read more

Sports from the fan’s perspective

For the first time in nearly four years, I attended a high school sporting event not as a reporter or an unbiased observer, but as ... Read more