Personal trainer can help fight to lose weight

Published 12:28 am Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wellness Center at Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital provides members with a means of exercising to lose weight and stay in shape. One other service that it offers is on-site personal trainers.

BWWMH public relations director Chrissy Brooker decided to enlist the aid of personal trainer Jackie Chauvin to help her not only lose weight, but to change her health habits for the better.

“First off, a person needs to determine in their own mind that they’re ready to do this,” Chauvin said. “This is a commitment. They would then come to me, and I would assess them, and if I feel like you’ve got the right frame of mind, then I will work with you. I will teach you what you need to know, guide you through the process and motivate you. I learn how each person needs to be motivated, and go from there.”

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Brooker said that she was inspired to work with a personal trainer when she received shocking news.

“This summer, we lost a very dear friend to congestive heart failure,” she said. “I had high blood pressure, and I had high cholesterol and I have a family history of heart disease.”

“It made Chrissy realize that she had to make some changes,” Chauvin said. “She was the typical overweight person: she would gain a little ground, and then give up — start and stop, but it is hard work. It took a huge tragedy of a close friend to make her realize she had to make some changes.”

Brooker began working in late November, getting herself assessed in time to take advantage of the “Scale Back Alabama” program in January to begin her own program to lose weight.

Chauvin said that a lot of people say they have no time to exercise, but she says to make time for yourself.

“Chrissy amazes me,” she said. “I know how busy she is, but she finds the time to come in and take care of herself for a few minutes, and it has made an amazing change in her. She has learned to handle stress better, and how to handle food issues.”

Chauvin said that people often stop themselves from getting in shape.

“I think, in general, people are afraid to come in because they’re overweight,” she said. “They don’t stop to realize that everybody is in the Wellness Center for exactly the same reason. Nobody is here flexing, no one is walking around in skimpy clothes.

“That’s something about the Wellness Center: it’s a very nurturing, wholesome, safe, real protective environment. All of the people are their for their health. It’s just a real friendly environment.”

Chauvin said that membership in the Wellness Center isn’t necessary to use her services as a personal trainer. She invites people to come to the Wellness Center to talk with her or call her at the Wellness Center at 287-2613.