LAA seeks agreement to pass Linden field to city

Published 2:09 pm Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Linden Athletic Association will seek to reach an agreement which will turn control of Linden Athletic Field over to the city. Linden Athletic Association president Hale Smith said Saturday that the LAA will seek to offer a proposal to the Linden city council at its next meeting.

“The Linden Athletic Association wants to move toward a deal with the city,” Smith said. “The city has done a great job with its management of Scott Park. We just feel that, at this point, it would be best for everyone if the city took over management of Linden Athletic Field.”

The announcement follows weeks of controversy surrounding the Linden High School football program’s unwillingness to continue playing in the stadium under its present circumstances.

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“Linden Athletic field was established for the children in the Linden community to have a place to play football. This means all children in the Linden community should be using the field,” Smith said in an official release. “Right now that is not happening and Linden Athletic Association hopes the city of Linden will be willing to step in and help us to help our community. Linden Athletic Association will propose to the city of Linden that it take over Linden Athletic Field.”

Smith’s announcement also comes just two days after the Linden City Board of Education voted unanimously to approach the city council about taking control of the field. Linden Athletic Association, a private entity, has held the deed to the stadium for decades. Reportedly, the field would only go to city control if the LAA dissolved.

Smith gave no indication that the Linden Athletic Association intended to dissolve, but did point to its willingness to seek the best interest of the city of Linden.

The Liinden city council is scheduled to meet Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 4:30 p.m.