Canebrake thanks DPD, fire department

Published 11:42 am Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Canebrake Players I would like to publicly thank the Demopolis Police Department and the Demopolis Fire Department.

During our most recent production of Oliver we had a couple of incidents. One evening, during rehearsal, 3 men walk in and started wandering around the building. They would never state their business. I truly never understood what their purpose was but one of our cast members politely sent them on their way. We’ve had several break-ins to automobiles during previous rehearsals and some things stolen. Immediately, I called the police department and within seconds officers were on site. They got a description of the men and went in search of them to question them. After that incident the officers graciously patrolled the parking lot periodically each night thereafter just to let their presence be known in case anyone else got any ideas of mischief. Their support, protection and quick response was so appreciated.

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During another night of rehearsals there was yet another episode. We were experimenting with a fog machine. Did you know that a fog machine will set the fire alarm off? We didn’t and yep…you guessed it, alarms were blaring. Immediately, we realized what had happened and before I could dial 911 and explain to the operator we hear the fire truck sirens. WOW…what a quick response. Even after I met them in the parking lot and explained what we had done they came inside and looked everything over to be certain all was well and we were safe.

I am so thankful that nothing serious happened during either incident but had there been serious problems, what a comfort it is to know that the response time for both the police department and fire department is so quick. Both groups were very courteous, friendly and helpful.

Yet another reason I am so proud to live in the wonderful city of Demopolis,. You make us proud DPD and DFD. Again, thank you for your service and protection.


Laurie Willingham
President, Canebrake Players Board of Directors