Voters to consider twelve amendments for election

Published 4:45 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Statewide Amendment 10 – This proposal contains recommendations from the Constitutional Revision Commission related to Article XIII. The Article currently consists of nine Sections. In the revision, four of these will be repealed due to subject matter being covered by statutory law or no longer necessary.

Of the five other sections, one specifies they types of banks covered by the Banking Article and it is unchanged in the proposal. The other four contain grants of power to the Legislature over banks and banking, and limitations on that power. These sections are consolidated, but remain unchanged except for eliminating obsolete language.

Statewide Amendment 11 – This proposal seeks to prohibit any municipality located entirely outside Lawrence County from imposing any of its municipal ordinances or regulations within that part of its police jurisdiction that is located in Lawrence County. It further prohibits a municipality from providing any regulatory function or police or fire protection services in its police jurisdiction located in Lawrence County, other than public safety mutual aid.

The city of Decatur, located in Morgan County, has police jurisdiction reaching into Lawrence County, but this bill will prohibit Decatur, and any other city outside that county, from enforcing its police jurisdiction there.

It will only be adopted if it passes in Lawrence County, all seven surrounding counties and statewide, according to the Secretary of State’s office.