City of Demopolis will loan $900,000 to hospital

Published 4:45 pm Monday, June 6, 2016

During the Demopolis City Council meeting on June 3 at Rooster Hall, the council agreed to loan Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital $926,200 to add an adult psychiatry ward.
Agreed upon unanimously, the loan spans over 12 years. The hospital will pay 3.5 percent interest only from the time BWWMH receives the loan until Dec. 31, 2016. On Jan. 1, 2017, first payment due on Feb. 1, payments will move into a 144-month amortization.
The land property of BWWMH is listed as collateral if the hospital fails to pay the loan.
District 1 Commissioner Charles Jones, Jr. noted that the urgency for getting the loan and construction started on the ward is because a certificate of need has already been granted by the state which has recently put a moratorium on granting such certificates. Building the ward will provide an income opportunity for the hospital.
Construction on the new ward will begin immediately and will provide new beds for patients 18-65.
In other unfinished business items, the council discussed actions to take on opening Roman Alley.
City Attorney William Poole mentioned that one of the two owners of houses impeding the project is willing to sell the property while the other is not willing to sell.
Poole and Public Works Superintendent Mike Baker were charged with the task of possibly developing an alternate route to open by Mayor Mike Grayson.
Commissioner Jones mentioned that he would get with Baker to try to find a way to fix the ditch on Decatur Street without costing the city $50,000.
In new business, the council approved the adoption of the Marengo County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation.
The council also discussed with Lt. Tim Soronen methods on managing traffic concerns on 3rd Avenue after a complaint was filed that vehicles were driving well above speed limit on the road.
Soronen mentioned that Demopolis Police Department has been patrolling the area more and will look to find resolution after some research of the area.
It was noted by the council that school traffic plays a big factor in the danger of the road and data collected will have to be done again during the school year.

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