BCMA’s Community Worship Service rescheduled

The Black Belt Christian Ministerial Alliance has announced that its Community-Wide Worship Service planned for this weekend is being rescheduled.
The event, originally to be held on Sunday, July 31, is now being scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 18, at 6 p.m. The event will be held at the First Baptist Church in Demopolis.
“Recently a prayer vigil was planned for our community and was postponed. Our Mayor, Mr. Mike Grayson, encouraged our citizens to join together for prayer at our next community-wide worship service. We applaud our mayor for sensing the need for our community to come together and seek the Lord. Demopolis is an exceptional city with exceptional people. We are strongest when we are together in unity. Ultimately, we believe that God is the author of unity,” stated a letter from BCMA representatives.
The letter continued, “We call upon every pastor and congregation to spend intentional time in prayer for our community, state and nation in the weeks ahead. We must pray for our city leaders, our law enforcement and our first responders. We must pray for awakening and revival to come to our land. We pray that accusations, gossip and innuendos be replaced with love, compassion and grace. We pray that Demopolis will not only be a ‘city of the people,’ but a ‘city on a hill,’ a city that shines the light of Jesus Christ into the darkness of this world.”