Demopolis Police seeks savings through vehicle lease program

The Demopolis Police Department is transitioning to a vehicle lease program with the goal of saving money in the long run.

According to DPD Chief Rex Flowers, the department will lease 10 vehicles on a four-year cycle. Previously, the department has purchased vehicles.

The lease agreement will cost $115,000 annually for 10 Chevrolet Tahoes and the equipment. Flowers said the cost to lease is close to what the department has spent in the past each year for three new vehicles.

Flowers said his goal is to save money by utilizing an extended warranty and saving on repair costs. The department typically budgets about $45,000 annually for repairs.

Leasing Chevrolet vehicles is also by design as Flowers said those could be repaired locally instead of towing to another dealership.

In choosing the Tahoe, Flowers said his research shows the gas mileage to be about the same, about 18 miles per gallon. He also said Tahoes tend to last longer, stating the department has one with over 365,000 miles that remains in service. “Smaller cars don’t get the longevity,” Flowers said.

Vehicles already purchased will be utilized in ways to decrease the wear on the leased vehicles, Flowers said.

The leased vehicles will be delivered in the coming 1-2 weeks and then will undergo a process to b properly equipped for patrols.

(This article originally appeared in the Wednesday, July 3 issue of the Demopolis Times.)