Linden BOE takes no action in field situation

Published 7:30 pm Monday, August 29, 2011

LINDEN – The situation with Linden Athletic Field and the city high school football team’s use of it took center stage during a meeting of the board of education Monday afternoon. The Linden city council and Mayor Mitzi Gates were in attendance as a special delegation at the meeting in hopes of reaching a resolution that would have returned Linden Patriot home games to Linden Athletic Field.

After introductory remarks from Gates and city attorney Woody Dinning, the meeting opened to public comment. Several of the more than 60 people in attendance offered remarks on the situation, which saw Linden play its first home game of the season last Thursday night at Central High School in Tuscaloosa.

After nearly 45 minutes of discourse, including several minutes of explanation from Linden Athletic Association president Hale Smith, the Linden City Schools Board of Education declined to take any action on the issue, offering that it would determine a meeting time to discuss the problems.

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After finishing its regular agenda items, the board again declined to take action on the issue or even set a time for when the matter would be discussed, despite prodding from city administrator Cheryl Hall and others.

Barring further action from the Linden City Schools Board of Education this week, the Patriots will play their second home game away from home Friday night when they travel to Marengo High School in Dixon’s Mills to face Fruitdale.

For more details regarding Monday’s meeting, see the Wednesday edition of The Demopolis Times.